Public Works


The City of Gaffney Public Works Department, located at 503 W Rutledge Avenue, is made up of two separate divisions working together as a team to make the City of Gaffney safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. These divisions include:

  • Sanitation Division
  • Streets Division

Sanitation Division

The Sanitation Division offers a variety of residential services which include the following:

  • Curb-side removal of yard debris such as leaves, limbs, grass clippings, and similar items
  • Seasonal (Fall) Curb-side removal of leaves
  • Curb-side removal of "white goods" such as refrigerators, ranges, water heaters, freezers, dishwashers, trash compactors, washers, dryers, air conditioners, etc.

Please note the following when placing the above-mentioned materials for curbside collection:

  • Yard debris limbs shall not exceed 8 feet in length.
  • No yard debris shall be placed curbside as a result of work done by any contractor.
  • Yard debris and white goods must be kept separate at the curb side.
  • To learn more about the rules and regulations for curbside collection, please read Sections 26-31 and 26-32 of the City of Gaffney Municipal Code.

Household Garbage Collection

Please note, that the City of Gaffney Sanitation Division no longer collects household garbage placed in roll-out trash containers. This service is now provided by Cherokee County. Residents should contact the Cherokee County Solid Waste Department at 864-487-8545 to set up or request information about residential garbage pickups. Click here for Cherokee County Solid Waste Collection.

About Seasonal Leaf CollectionGaffney Leaf Pickup Truck

The City of Gaffney Public Works Department is requesting the citizens' help with our leaf collection. We are asking that residents place only leaves in their leaf piles. Please do not mix brush, construction debris, or other materials in leaf piles. This makes it very difficult for the leaf vacuums to pick up leaves. Brush and other debris will clog the vacuum hose and the crew has to stop and clean, which slows down the collection process. The City has brush tractors and trucks that pick up this type of debris. If we can keep these items separated, it would help speed up the leaf collection each year. Thank you for your cooperation.

Streets Division

Responsibilities of the Streets Division include:

  • Street maintenance and repair (including pothole repair) on City-maintained streets
  • Curb and gutter repair
  • City-maintained sidewalk repair
  • Right-of-way mowing within the City limits
  • Mowing of City-owned cemeteries
  • Stormwater maintenance within the City limits (not private property)

Public Works

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