What are the fines for false alarms?

Each alarm system is allowed 3 false alarm activations within one calendar year. A false alarm is defined in summary as an alarm activation with no reasonable evidence of a legitimate problem. This means that if the alarm is activated due to burning food on a stove or a similar action, this is considered unintentional, not a false alarm. False alarms will be for systems that have malfunctions that are not addressed.

The fine for the 4th false alarm is $100 (plus court cost), the 5th occurrence is $300 (plus court cost), the 6th and subsequent offenses are $500 plus court cost. These fines are issued as a Municipal Court Summons, meaning you must appear in court unless you wish to pay the fine in full prior to the court date. The alarms are per system, meaning that locations with multiple buildings will only be fined when they reach 4 false alarms on the same system.

Weather related alarms with the exception of the same activation each time without proper intervention, will not be considered a false alarm.

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